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Choosing the right small apartment furniture can help you  create not just a more comfortable and but also a more functional space.

When your space is small it’s even more important to find furniture for small apartments which doesn’t dominate your space or take up too much room (unless the furniture is multi-functional and comes with added storage, e.g. ottoman bed, or corner storage sofa beds.

Innovative small apartment furniture

There are all sorts of small apartment furniture with innovative designs which not only save your space but also to give you added storage.

With the continued and ever increasing practice of office blocks being converted into apartments which are roughly the size of a typical bedroom, we’ve brought together some great small apartment furniture, along with some tips to help you maximise your small space.

Living room

Whether you have a small studio apartment or an open plan home, your living room will probably be the central focus of your home. A modern living room can also be your bedroom, dining room and study. Even the smallest small apartments usually has space to fit a small sofa. Even if it is the smallest of places we’ve got the smallest and narrowest sofas the retailers have to offer.


In a small space a normal sized sofa can dominate. Below are a variety of smaller sized sofas guaranteed to give you the same comfort as a normal sofa.

Compact sofas

Compact sofas are a great addition to a small living room. Squeeze them into the smallest of spaces to give you a comfy place to put your feet up.

Corner sofas

Corner sofas are perfect if you live in a place where space is premium, this is because they can fit perfectly into a corner of your living room without taking up much of your floor space.


Storage Sofas/Sofa beds

Look for furniture with hidden storage space like these storage sofas. They are great for the obvious reasons as they come with inbuilt storage. Some of the ones below also double up as a sofa bed so you don’t have to worry about fitting a bed into your small space as well!

Coffee tables

Coffee tables are the finishing touch all living spaces need. The ones below are the very best for small apartments.

Coffee table/ dining table

Multi-functional furniture will really help maximise your small space. Coffee tables which extend to dining tables, or raise up to be a desk can maximise the functional use of your space, whilst not adding to floor space. Some coffee tables come with stools underneath making them multifunctional and convenient for small apartments as they double up as a coffee table and dining table.

Storage coffee table

Storage coffee tables are a great addition to small apartments. They offer hidden storage space; handy to hide away clutter you don’t want on show. Some of the ones below also extend into a table top which can be used as a dining table or laptop table.

Side tables

In a very small space you sometimes don’t have space for a coffee table- we’ve got a solution for this!

Sofa Side Table

These sofa side tables are a great alternative to a coffee table (or even a desk). They sit over the arm of your sofa or arm chair which avoids taking up space as it slots in nicely into the sofa.

Folding side tables

Folding side tables are a brilliant addition to your small space. By folding them away when they’re not in use stops them taking up space and making the room look cluttered.

Corner TV Units

Using corners in your small apartment will help use what could otherwise be an empty corner. These corner TV units keep your TV out of the way.


In your small apartment your bedroom might be a small area partitioned from the rest of the space or, if you’re in a studio apartment, its part of the main space. Below are some great space-saving pieces to help you save space in your small bedroom.

Small Double storage beds

Small double storage beds give you the comfort of a double bed but are slightly narrower. Below are a variety of small double storage beds.

Storage Mirrors

Finding furniture with added storage is a great way to save space in your small apartment. Store your make-up, shoes and other belongings with these storage mirrors.

Corner wardrobe

As mentioned earlier, using the corners in your small apartment will help maximise the space. Corner wardrobes are a great way to avoid your wardrobe dominating your bedroom.


Kitchens don’t need to be big for you to get everything you need fitted. Slimline kitchen appliances and small apartment furniture such as folding dining tables can help you fit more into your small space.

Slimline Kitchen Appliances

From slim-line dishwashers to compact oven and microwave combis they’re all here to allow you to fit your small kitchen out with everything you need.

Slimline dishwashers

Space-saving Washing Machines

Extending dining tables

Extending dining tables can help you turn a small space into an entertaining space when you need it. A small extending dining table can  seat as little as 2 people but can extend when you have guests. Choosing a space saving dining table is probably one of the best pieces of small apartment furniture you can buy.

Folding tables

Folding dining tables are great for a small apartment. Get them out when you need them and store them away when you don’t!

**Habitat Heath 2 seater dining table can also be used as a console table when not fully erected.**

Bar tables

Slim- line and narrow, bar tables are a great way to fit a dining area into the smallest of spaces. They are a great addition to the kitchen for two people.

Home office

Desks for small spaces is an increasingly popular small apartment furniture search term. In even the smallest of apartments we’ve got a desk for you to give yourself a great working area.

Wall desks

Wall desks are great for those of you who can’t find a place to fit normal desk. Wall desk are compact and can be folded away, when not in use to avoid taking up unnecessary space.

Corner Desk

Bigger is not always better when it comes to a home office. A corner desk gives you a lot of surface area while still being relatively compact.

Storage solutions

Incorporating clever storage solutions into your space will help make your space look less cluttered and more organised. If you are starting from scratch buy small apartment furniture pieces with built-in storage, but if not choose other storage options to keep your place clutter free.

Additional Storage

If you can’t accommodate new small apartment furniture into your small space, expand your storage capacity using vacuum bags or space saving storage bags. We have loads more on the website.

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