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A coffee table is a great finishing touch to all living room spaces. They can fill unused space, provide extra storage space and also provide a great place for drinks and snacks when entertaining. Therefore, it’s important to find the right coffee table which suits your space and your needs.

This guide will help you choose and decide on the right coffee table for you!


A key part to making sure you are choosing the right coffee table for your space is to keep in mind the size of the room it will be put in and the size of the coffee table itself. You don’t want a coffee table that overpowers the room and equally you don’t want a coffee table that gets lost in the room.


Coffee tables vary a great deal in price from being very cheap to being highly expensive and with plenty of choice most people fall into the trap of buying at an expense as they believe it will be of better quality. This is not always the case, some cheaper options can also be good quality and they don’t set you back too much!


Another important factor to keep in mind, is what you want it to bring to your space, i.e. do you need extra storage? Do you do much entertaining? Or are you just after something pretty to add to the room? All of these give you an answer as to what to look for when choosing your coffee table.


Keep in mind the style and the ‘look’ you want the space to have and choose a coffee table style that blends in. If you are looking for a modern look then an oak coffee table will look out of place. As well as this, the shape of the coffee table can equally have as big an impact on your space. If you’re looking to make an impact and have your  coffee table be a statement piece, then consider looking for an unusual style, colour and shaped table. Otherwise, sticking to the uniform styles of square, rectangle and circle are most discreet and will blend in nicely.

The finish

The material of the coffee table you decide on is also important. Some materials are better for small spaces than others as they can help create an illusion of a larger space whereas some other materials can over power your room and create the illusion of a smaller space. Read on to find out the best materials for your space.

For small spaces it may be difficult to envision a coffee table in your small room. However, here at we have a variety of coffee tables which are great for small spaces. Below are examples of some of these.

Nested Coffee tables

Nested coffee tables are a great purchase for small spaces as they can be stacked away to enhance your space. Having a set of three tables is also handy for those of you who entertain on a regular basis.

Extending coffee table

Extending coffee tables enhance your space and are great for when you entertain. They can be small and compact for everyday uses but when you need more space you can extend it which can then be used for many different table top uses.

As well as these options, there are plenty more styles to choose from. Shop our wide variety of coffee tables from a variety of different retailers.

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