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About MySmallSpace

MySmallSpace, launched in March 2017, is the world’s first online shopping mall for maximising small spaces in homes. We save you time shopping by bringing together a large selection of space saving, storage and multi-functional furniture and home accessories from UK’s leading retailers and boutique retailers – all in one place.

We have curated products from over 300 retailers, selecting the most space maximising products and grouping them into user friendly product categories to help you find the perfect product for your home.

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Not ready to buy?

Add the product to your Wish List by hitting the heart shape next to the product (registration required). Now you can compare the options your love more easily without jumping from website to website.

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Looking for a special offer?

Visit our Special Offers page and view the discounts and codes available from all our retailers – all in one place.

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Can’t find what you are looking for?

Feel free to reach out to us using our Contact form or use our Chat Form.


Want your products featured?

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Is MySmallSpace a shop?

MySmallSpace is an online shopping platform owned by My Small Space Ltd. We do not carry stock, handle orders, take payments or manage returns.  My Small Space lists home furniture and accessories products from multiple retailers – all in one place so you can find space saving products for your home more easily. For this we earn a commission or a fee from the retailer.

How do I shop on MySmallSpace?

Browse products in our shop or blogs and click on the product. This will take you to the retailer website where you can complete your transaction.

How does MySmallSpace get paid?

MySmallSpace earns a commission on sales or receives a fee from retailers to advertise on the website.

Are MySmallSpace prices more or less than the retailer?

We try to keep the prices as up to date as possible but there is sometimes a difference between the price displayed on MySmallSpace and the retailer website. But rest assured, the price you pay will be the prevailing retailer price. We do not make a markup on the retailer price. All relevant special offers and discount codes available are featured on our Special Offers page.

Enjoy browsing furniture and home accessories and be inspired by our design ideas and shop the image sections.


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