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Back to School with Bensons for Beds

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Preparing for the School Year with Bensons for Beds

As the back-to-school season approaches, ensuring a good night’s sleep becomes paramount. Bensons for Beds understands the importance of restful nights for students of all ages. Whether you’re preparing for early mornings, upgrading your child’s mattress, or furnishing a university dorm room, Bensons for Beds has you covered.

Explore Bensons for Beds extensive range of products meticulously designed to create the perfect sleep environment for academic success.

Prepare for early mornings

Getting back into the school routine often means early mornings. To help you rise and shine, Bensons for Beds has these essential items to consider:

Sandro Memory Support Mattress


A comfortable bed starts with the right frame. Explore Bensons for Beds selection of stylish and sturdy bed frames to create a welcoming sleep environment. From contemporary designs to classic wooden frames, Bensons for Beds bed options cater to various tastes and room sizes.


Start with the right foundation. Bensons for Beds’ comfortable and supportive mattresses ensure a good night’s sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Bensons for Beds mattresses are crafted with precision, incorporating advanced technologies to provide superior support, temperature regulation, and durability.


The right pillow can make a significant difference in sleep quality. Choose from Bensons for Beds’ extensive selection of pillows designed to provide excellent neck and head support. Whether you prefer a soft feather pillow, the contouring support of memory foam, or specialized options for allergies, Bensons for Beds has an array of choices tailored to your individual needs.


Stay cozy without overheating with Bensons for Beds’ lightweight duvets, ideal for the transitional seasons. Bensons for Beds duvets are carefully designed to strike the perfect balance between warmth and breathability, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the night.

Upgrade child’s mattress

As your child grows, so do their sleep needs. Ensure their comfort with these Bensons for Beds options:

Allegra Bunk Bed Frame

Single Mattresses

Give your child the gift of quality sleep with Bensons for Beds’ single mattresses. Designed to provide tailored support and temperature regulation, Bensons for Beds single mattresses are the perfect choice for kids’ restful nights.

Kids Bunk Beds

Save space and create a fun sleeping arrangement with Bensons for Beds’ bunk beds, perfect for siblings sharing a room. Bensons for Beds bunk beds combine safety with style, providing an enjoyable sleeping experience for children while maximizing floor space.

University mattresses

For students heading off to university, a comfortable and conducive sleep environment is crucial for academic success. Consider these Bensons for Beds options:


Enhance the comfort of a standard dorm mattress with Bensons for Beds mattresses. Bensons for Beds university mattresses are designed to fit dorm bed sizes perfectly, ensuring you enjoy quality sleep even in a new environment. Experience the difference with premium materials and superior support.


Find the perfect pillow to support your head and neck during late-night study sessions. Bensons for Beds offers a range of pillows suitable for various sleep styles, so you can study, relax, and sleep with optimal comfort.

Bedside Tables

Keep essentials within reach with Bensons for Beds’ practical bedside tables. Bensons for Beds bedside tables are not just functional but also stylish, offering storage solutions and enhancing the aesthetics of your dorm room. Store your study materials, bedside lamp, or nighttime essentials conveniently.



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