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Sofa Arm Tray Placemat Sofa Tray Table, Sofa Arm Tray, Armrest Tray, Sofa Arm Table, Couch Tray, Coffee Table, Sofa Table


Sofa Tray Table, Sofa Arm Tray, Armrest Tray, Sofa Arm Table, Couch Tray, Coffee Table, Sofa Table,Wood Tray. Perfect for rounded sofa arms, our trays do not slide or move, they are firmly held in place by virtue of the felt backing and the centre console which is wide enough for any arm rest whilst the ribs curve nicely round the arm for extra holding power. Our trays are simply the best quality sofa trays that money can buy on Etsy, super slim, sleek, light and durable with a truly modernist design appeal to them. Our newest addition to the range of Sofa Arm Trays is made from perspex acrylic with luxurious yet durable black felt backing to protect any sofa whether it be leather or fabric. Our acrylic perspex range is heat resistant, stain resistant, spill resistant, in fact throw anything you want at it and it stands up to it, this is the best quality Sofa Arm Tray you can buy on Etsy, our design, refinement and tireless pursuit to create the best arm tray has brought us back full crcle to the humble acrylic. A beautiful finish, any colour you like, gloss, matte and wipes down effortlessly. Simply stunning materials to work with!! Measures: Width: 385mm or 16 inches Height: 320mm or 13 inches Centre Console Width: 160mm 0r 6.5 inches Available in most colours you can think of, if perspex makes it we can supply you with it. Simple as that really! Ask us for a custom request, we are the specialists, every piece is hand made by our fair hands to order so you are welcome to ask for customisation at the time of purchase, we wont even charge you for it, nobody offers that anymore!! These trays are very well tested and meet the standards expected of them. Unlike other sofa arm trays on Etsy we offer a wider central section which accomodates a plate of food or any other larger vessel for those cold winter nights in front of the TV or simply for small children when you want to make sure they dont spill on Moms precious sofa!

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