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Time to update your bed?

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Is it time to update your bed?

If you’ve had the same bed for a while, your heart may crave a change, or you may have  come to the realisation that your bed is no longer suitable for your needs. Whatever your reason, changing your bed comes with a list of great perks – particularly as kids grow bigger, lives grow busier, and storage drawers start brimming with bits and pieces.

A few questions you might want to ask yourself if you’re unsure whether you need a new bed are: is it still supportive and steady? Does it give you enough room; or if it’s your child’s bed, have they outgrown it? Is it made in a classic style that you feel will last, or has it been left behind by the latest bedroom trends? First and foremost, you should feel excited to get into bed every night. If you’re not, it’s probably time for a change.

How to choose a new bed?

If you have decided that a new bed is on the table for you, the next question is: how do you go about choosing one? First of all, think about your main reason for upgrading. Beds are deeply personal things, and it’s important that everybody has a say in what bed they will be using for the next few years, or even decades – remember, some beds last longer than others! So, if you share a bed with a partner, or you’re buying a bed for a child, talk to them about it; ask them what their ideal bed looks like, and you might be surprised at what they have to share.

If durability is important to you, then you might want to consider a solid bed frame, such as a metal or wooden one.

If you’re shopping for a child’s bed, think about how long they will use it for. You might want to re-purpose it after they’ve outgrown it, either as a guest bed, or for their younger siblings. A trundle bed or bed you can put away might be a good idea – or buy a roll up mattress, so you can swap it out rather easily.

Whatever you need, Bensons for Beds has the solution to match, with all kinds of bed combinations, for all kinds of sleepers, to suit all kinds of spaces. Made to order, just for you. Find something to suit you, or your child, in their new range of beds.

Benefits of buying a new bed?

Don’t let clutter get on top of you. Many beds come with handy underbed storage solutions – some of them, like bunkbeds and trundles, even allow you to fit another bed in your room.

Try an ottoman bed with added ottoman drawers for hiding away larger items. Or, go for a divan bed with two or four drawers. Updating to a bed with smarter storage can dramatically change how you use the space in your room.

If it feels like your little ones grew up in a flash, as much as it’s no fun to trade their smiling chubby cheeks for inevitable teenage angst, a new bed can certainly smooth the process. A high sleeper bed has space underneath to fit bedroom furniture, and it can give your teens a dedicated space to relax in, which they will no doubt thank you for.

If you’re just looking for something a bit roomier, you can always update your bed size: a king size is a great bed if you want plenty of room for you and a partner. That’s to say – you certainly don’t need to share your king bed either.

Maybe you want to stay ahead of the curve: that’s easily done with a new statement bed. We have a range of electric beds, including USB charging beds and recliner beds, which make life so much easier, more comfortable, and much more modern. With an electric bed, you can step into the future at the touch of a button.

Bensons for beds’ new beds are also made with style in mind. They are designed to reflect the latest in bedroom décor trends, without compromising on classic quality. Their beds come in a range of neutral, minimal, and contemporary colours that can transform the look and feel of your sleeping space.

Check out new beds from Bensons for Beds


Style conscious and comfortable, the Kora upholstered bed frame is an excellent choice for any modern home. With a contemporary and minimalist design, the Kora bed frame will blend seamlessly into your space. Designed with a subtly curved headboard the Kora will make a stunning statement.

You’ll indulge in luxurious velvet material carefully upholstered with the finest finish, providing a comfortable cosy place for you to rest in an evening or even enjoy weekend movie nights with your loved ones. Plus, the Kora upholstered bed frame includes two sets of wooden feet in a light oak and walnut effect, giving you the opportunity to completely personalise your bed to your desired look.

The stunning Kora upholstered bed frame comes with a carefully sprung slatted base to provide a personal level of support. Each of the slats responds to your body shape to relieve pressure points no matter how you sleep. What’s more, the slats provide incredible ventilation ensuring you get a great night’s sleep night after night.

Available in three beautiful colours, the Kora bed frame is perfect to achieve a contemporary understated look. Whether it’s to create an eye-catching feature in your master bedroom or a welcoming space for your guests to stay the Kora bed frame is available in three handy sizes to suit any space. What’s more, the Kora comes with a 5 year guarantee.



Embrace luxury with our new Penelope bed frame. Traditional in design and oozing style the Penelope ottoman bed frame will make a stunning statement in any bedroom. Upholstered in a luxurious velvet fabric, the Penelope is available to purchase as a standard bed frame or a storage saving ottoman option. With a beautiful, scrolled headboard and foot end combined with a stunning buttoned finish, the Penelope bed frame is an eye-catching feature piece. The Penelope is equipped with deep wooden walnut effect feet for a beautiful finish.

Choose from a standard bed frame or embrace the built-in storage which comes with an ottoman bed. The ottoman bed frame can be lifted from either side* depending on what is more convenient to you, to reveal storage spanning the entirety of the bed frame. Perfect for storing bulkier items such as extra bedding and towels, helping you keep your home clean and organised.



Contemporary and Chic. The Cohen woven upholstered bedframe is an excellent choice for adding a touch of urban modern style to your bedroom.

With its stylishly detailed headboard and solid wood feet, the Cohen bedframe is set to be your rooms statement piece.

Relax knowing your bedframe has a spung slatted base, which acts as a shock absorber for extra support.



Introducing the beautiful Bella upholstered ottoman bed frame, a premium velvet upholstered bed frame with stylish metallic accents for the finest finish. This stunning ottoman bed frame is an excellent addition to any bedroom.

The Bella bed frame is designed to add a touch of sophistication to any space, with vertical stitching details creating an eye-catching feature whilst a slight curving of the headboard creates a luxury and elegant finish. The plush soft cushioning provides ultimate comfort for lazy weekend mornings to enjoy breakfast in bed.

The Bella bed frame has a carefully sprung slatted base to provide a personal level of support. Each of the slats responds to your body shape to relieve pressure points all whilst prolonging the life of your mattress, so you can love your bed for that bit longer. The slats provide incredible ventilation plus the perfect blend of comfort and support, ensuring you get a great night’s sleep night after night.

What’s more, you’ll benefit from the plentiful storage that comes with an ottoman bed frame. Simply lift the base away from the frame to reveal underbed storage which spans the entirety of the bed frame without obstruction. Perfect for storing bulky items which aren’t frequently used, helping you to keep your space a clean and tidy haven to relax in.


The Bella bed frame is available in three sizes to accommodate your space and in three beautiful colours, designed to blend in with any bedroom aesthetic. The Bella bed frame also comes with a 5 year guarantee.


The Orianna upholstered bed frame features a deep buttoned headboard with stunning winged sides. Designed with premium velvet fabric this elegant bed frame has a subtle welcoming feel that will complete your bedroom. The tall headboard is complimented by a matching upholstered base, making will a spectacular statement in any bedroom.

Not only pleasing on the eye the Orianna upholstered bed frame is equipped with plentiful unobstructed ottoman storage. Simply lift the base from the foot of the bed to receive underbed storage spanning the entirety of the base. Ottoman beds are perfect for maximising floor space and storing bulkier items such as spare bedding, towels or even winter clothes during the warmer months. The Orianna upholstered bed frame will allow you to keep your space clean and organised, making it the perfect environment to relax in night after night.



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