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Maximising the space in your Bachelor Pad

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Moving to a new place, can be intimidating as well as exciting creating your small bachelor pad. This blog will help inspire you to make your space stylish and comfortable with small bachelor pad furniture to maximise your small space.

Choosing Small Bachelor Pad Furniture

Your small bachelor pad won’t just be a place to sleep at night or watch TV. So in addition to a bed, a sofa and a TV consider what other functions your space needs to provide. Do you work from home? Often? Occasionally? Do you have extra overnight guests to accommodate? Do you need lots of extra storage? Will you entertain dinner guests? How many? Do you like to eat in front of the TV? Or do you need a dining table? Where will you keep your coats? Your shoes?

Traditionally, a great way to bring an edge to your space is to use darker colours such as black, grey, red and blues. However, try to avoid using these colours on all the walls in your small space. A feature wall with a splash of colour might work in the right setting. If you are playing safe light shade of grey is acceptable if you aren’t keen on bland white walls.

Choosing a timeless design vs stick to trends

Materials such as dark woods and metals have been a popular design choices for men for many years. This can be seen from stately homes and historic castles, to private member’s clubs.

This blog will help you choose small bachelor pad furniture which is modern and up to date. Popular on trend themes such as industrial, monochrome and neutral are a great way to modernise your space.

Side Tables

Materials such as wood, iron, and dark woods create an industrial interior style which will look classic and timeless if you choose the right pieces.


These beds vary in style and design but are all great for smaller spaces as they have built in storage making a great place to store bedding, shoes or anything else you might want hidden away.

Chest of drawers

A chest of drawers can be used to store lots of items from underwear, tee-shirts, jeans and jumpers. Choose a simple, modern style to compliment your style.


Stick to simple designs for your wardrobe, pay attention to the internal configurations as some wardrobes don’t have sufficient hanging space for coats, suits or even shirts! Use darker colours and materials such as metals and wood for classic style with a modern twist.


These darker coloured sofas will really compliment an industrial themed space. Adding a comfortable corner sofa not only helps save space but it also gives you a large seating area for guests and family.

Coffee tables

A mixture of wood and metal or dark colours will keep your space looking classic and stylish. Don’t forget to consider your storage needs, so look for a coffee table with drawers, shelves or even choose a multi-functional coffee table which changes to a desk or a dining table if space is tight.


Add extra seating to your space to fill an empty space or make it feel more homey with these armchairs.

Dining table sets

To avoid having to worry about matching your chairs to your table, these dining table sets get rid of the hassle and provide stylish and space saving eating areas for your bachelor pad.

Visualise your space…

When choosing furniture to fit your bachelor pad it’s important to take into account the size of the space you will be filling and the multiple functions which that space needs to accommodate.

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