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Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Beds

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Earth Day is an annual event on 22 April to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by EARTHDAY.ORG including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries. The official theme for 2023 is Invest In Our Planet.

Looking for a goodnight’s sleep and a clearer conscience?

Going green is an appealing option for some. Choosing to go eco-friendly with your bed is an excellent way to reduce waste, whilst still treating yourself to an excellent night’s sleep. Our eco-friendly bed sets are sustainably designed to be kinder to the environment whilst still holding that luxury feel. Choosing to go eco-friendly doesn’t affect the quality of your bed, these eco-friendly beds will blend seamlessly into your bedroom aesthetic.


What is an eco-friendly bed?

When you choose an eco-friendly bed, you’re not only doing the right thing by the environment, getting a new mattress should help you to get a good sleep, too! Bensons for Beds eco-friendly bed sets are sustainably designed to be kinder to the earth, while still having that luxury feeling you know us for.

For those who like to stay ahead of the curve, an eco-friendly bed is not only a contemporary, fashionable choice – but it makes a statement about what you stand for, too. If you’re fed-up with the culture of trends and needless consumption, opt for something classic that will never go out of fashion.

In a conscious effort to reduce plastic waste, Bensons for Beds made sure that every eco-friendly bed they have is delivered to you in recyclable packaging – helping to reduce pollutants that end up in landfill. This is just one of the steps they are taking to help create a happier, healthier planet.

How does an eco friendly bed help the environment?

Landfill is one of the major causes of environmental degradation, and when products aren’t recycled, they often end up becoming a part of the problem. An eco friendly bed is often made to be more recyclable, which means that when you decide to replace it, some of it will be granted a whole new life. Eco friendly beds are often made from recycled and sustainable materials, too, which means that producing them puts less strain on the environment than a normal mattress.

How do I find the best eco-friendly mattress and bed for me?

You still have a world of choice when it comes to selecting an eco friendly mattress and bed. Whether you’re on the hunt for a single bed to complete a spare bedroom, or you’re shopping for a luxurious super king, Bensons for Beds eco friendly mattress and bed collections will cater to all of your needs.

divan eco-friendly bed offers extra underbed storage for bedrooms that are limited on space. Choose from two drawer divan beds or four drawer divan beds, depending on how much you need to store away.

The best eco friendly mattress for you will depend on your sleep preferences. Choose from the full range of firmness ratings to find something that provides the support you need.


Why choose an eco friendly mattress?

If problems like climate change, deforestation, and pollution are keeping you up at night – you can rest easy on an eco friendly mattress. Choosing to go eco-friendly in your bedroom is an excellent way to reduce waste, recycle, and support eco friendly production processes. Plus, some are made with a blend of the finest materials, including natural and sustainable fibres, eco friendly mattresses that offer fantastic comfort.

Did you know that due to the materials used, many an eco friendly mattress is also hypoallergenic? Which means that common allergens are less likely to disrupt your sleep. An eco friendly mattress is perfect for the little ones, too – try the SafeNights Foam Free Cot Mattress if you want an eco friendly mattress that can help your child sleep through the night, undisturbed.

Silentnight Sleep Healthy Eco 2700 Divan Bed Set

Made from recycled plastic bottles, the Eco Comfort Fibre™ layer brings you incredible comfort that won’t cost the planet or your pocket. Good for you and good for the environment, the eco-friendly mattresses are also fully recyclable at end of life.

The innovative, HeiQ Viroblock technology ensures your mattress is protected against microbes, germs and bacteria*, creating an all-round fresher sleep surface for you and your family which lasts the full lifetime of your mattress.

Silentnight Sleep Healthy Eco 2700 Divan Bed Set

Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 6000 Divan Bed Set

Finished with a quilted mattress surface, created with recycled plastic fillings, you’ll dive onto a dreamy soft sleeping surface. Not only that but this mattress includes ProBio – A 100% natural treatment which provides protection against allergens and odours – making sure absolutely nothing interrupts your sleep.and organised.

Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 6000 Divan Bed Set

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Staples and Co Refresh Eco Latex Pocket 3000 Divan Bed Set

The ecoAir foam layer is designed to be ultra-responsive and supportive, whilst being eco-friendly and super breathable. It also has the benefits of helping to regulate your body temperature and is 30x more breathable than memory foam. The open cell structure enhances air circulation and breathability of your mattress, keeping you cooler during the night. Rhea foam layer is also proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat away from the body and contributes to a cooler, fresher sleep.

This fabric has been Temperature+ treated too, ensuring optimal body temperature throughout the night by regulating moisture to and from the skin’s surface. It also provides anti-allergy protection – the 100% natural fabric offers proven protection against bacteria, fungi and dust-mite allergies. It’s fire-retardant too – and chemical-treatment free.

Staples and Co Refresh Eco Latex Pocket 3000 Divan Bed Set

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Hypnos Luxurious Earth 04 Divan Bed Set On Castors

As part of the Hypnos Luxurious Earth collection, this Hypnos Luxurious Earth 04 mattress is endorsed by the Eden Project and made exclusively for Bensons for Beds. Offering sublime comfort, with sustainability at its heart, this stunning collection is kinder to the natural world, through the responsible use of natural and traceable materials. With 100 years of bedmaking heritage, Royal Warrant holders Hypnos are confident this will be the most comfortable bed you’ll ever own.

Lovingly hand-crafted with generous natural layers, there are 3 whole fleeces quality organic British wool inside this mattress, providing temperature regulation and breathability. With Himalayan Allo, you’ll benefit from exceptional moisture absorbency to help keep your body perfectly cool. Grown and harvested by indigenous people, predominantly women, from the remote Himalayan forests north of Nepal, Allo has excellent antistatic, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and is a renewable and regenerative fibre. Farmed with care, by producers and growers who work in harmony with nature and meet the highest welfare standards, your mattress also includes the finest organic lambswool and super soft peace silk. Peace silk is highly prized as it’s made without harming silkworms, waiting for them to naturally leave their silk cocoons. These natural fillings enhance your sleep experience by working together to create the perfect environment for the most rejuvenating rest.

The sleep surface is luxuriously soft and breathable thanks to the natural, unbleached cotton damask. Treated with M-Pure, a natural flame retardant that utilises bio-based raw materials, this cotton is responsibly sourced, biodegradable, and free from standard fire-resistant chemicals. The damask covers are expertly sewn to the border and then the mattress is hand-tufted using British wool to hold all the natural fillings in place and create a plush, supportive feel.

Hypnos Luxurious Earth 04 Divan Bed Set On Castors

Slumberland Eco Solutions 2200 Divan Bed Set

The Slumberland Eco Solutions collection feature all double sided mattresses, but with a clever twist. Developed to perform throughout the year with the changes in the seasons, you simply rotate each month through the seasons (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) and turn twice a year. Providing you comfort no matter the season.

Our special Summer & Winter sides help to provide the optimum temperature for the perfect night’s sleep.

The Winter side is covered in our Snuggle fabric, which has been specifically selected for its tactile ‘teddy bear’ feel. This fabric as well as the additional wool layer acts as an insulator, providing the warmth you need when the temperature drops.

The Summer side of the mattress includes our new SensICE super-cool fabric, which is not only cool to touch but also helps to reduce body temperature, something we need to do to ensure we get off to sleep quickly. Our Summer side also includes our Pro-Bio, 100% natural, environmentally friendly fabric treatment for protection against allergens.

Slumberland Eco Solutions 2200 Divan Bed Set

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