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declutter and maximise your home office space

Decluttering and Maximising Space For Better Working From Home

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Tips to declutter and maximise your home office space

The work from home lifestyle has become an everyday reality for many of us. So to be productive, we need to make sure we make the most of our workspace. One way to clear the desk and optimize productivity while working from home is by decluttering and maximising your home office space.

Working from home can take some adapting, so it’s essential your home office is an environment where you can thrive. A workspace that is cluttered can limit your productivity, especially if you’ve got limited space to work with. With this in mind, we’ve come up with some home office ideas that can help you declutter and maximise your home office space for better work from home experience.

Go Vertical

wall mounted desk

A good way to maximise the space in your small home office is to think about making use of your wall space. This can range from hanging wall mounted shelves above your desk, floating shelves or wall mounted home office desks.

Either of these options can help you to clear your desk thereby creating a clutter-free workspace, whilst also giving you the opportunity to add personality to your space. This can include stacking your favourite books neatly on the shelves or introducing some home accessories to your shelf display.

Create a Clutter Drawer With a Storage Desk

storage desk

A good option where space is premium is to make the best use of storage. And one way to get this done is to opt for a storage desk, with drawers to hide away your odds and ends like cables, old notebooks, newspapers, stationery or any other item in your home office that needs a home.

Putting these items in a drawer means they remain accessible but don’t take up valuable space or take away from the aesthetic of your home office set up.

Opt for Space-saving Home Office Furniture

space saving home office desk

You don’t need to have a dedicated room to create your own home office space. To create a workspace in your small space you need space-saving home office furniture. Opt for an innovative design choice which can support you when space is limited, or when multiple uses are needed.

So if you are limited with space, then a hideaway desk, storage desk, a wall-mounted desk, a folding desk or a folding home office chair will help your maximise and declutter your workspace.

Invest in Space saving Home Office Storage

home office storage

If you find yourself placing things in random places in your home office, then it’s probably because you need additional storage.

Add some creative space-saving storage to your home office space with small stackable storage baskets, storage cabinet with wheels, or compact filing cabinets so you have a place to put everything that’s currently in disarray in your home office.

Make Use of Nooks and Corners

corner desk

The nooks and corners in your home office space can help you maximise your small home office space. These spaces are often overlooked when setting up a home office space, but using them can optimise the space you have available and make your space feel bigger.

Putting a corner desk at one corner of your home office space can help you make the most of your home office space.

Improve Your Home Office Lighting

home office lighting

Natural light coming into your home office is the best source of lighting. So if you are lucky to have natural light coming into your home office, place your desk in a spot that makes the most of the light source. But unfortunately, not everyone has access to natural light so light up your home office space with table lamps or floor standing lamps with storage.

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