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Choosing the best material for beds

Design Ideas

Choosing the best material for your bed is more than a design choice – find out your options

Choosing the best material for your bed is more than a design choice to fit into your current interior design scheme (if you have one). It is quite often just a personal preference due to what you are used to. But what are the other options? Are there advantages of one material over an other? Is cost the factor? Longevity?

We will take a look at the options to help make your choice easier for you.


 Wooden Bed Frames

Whether it’s classic oak or painted white, wooden bed frames offer beautiful designs and long-lasting sturdiness. They’re incredibly versatile too, with a range of styles and sizes to suit you and your family. Natural wooden beds add instant character by warming up your bedroom, while painted wood beds add a contemporary flair. In need of additional storage? Many wooden beds feature under-bed storage drawers while wooden ottoman beds come with a secret compartment in the base of the bed.


What are the benefits of a wooden bed frame?

One of the main benefits of wooden bed frames is their long-lasting durability. Wood is one of the best materials to use when making bed frames as it is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. Wooden bed frames help set a tone and are a great starting point when it comes to decorating. Many wooden beds form part of wider bedroom furniture collections so you can create a fitted, bespoke feel with matching bedside tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes.

Wooden beds give a rustic feel to your bedroom. If you’re a fan of the cottage-core aesthetic then put a wooden bed frame at the top of your interior wish list.


What types of wooden beds are there?

There are several different types of wooden beds available so there’s bound to be one to suit your needs. Wooden bed frames come with integrated headboards and sometimes footboards too.

Need some extra storage? Why not try a wooden ottoman bed? The mattress on an ottoman bed lifts up so that you can use the base of the bed for storage. Pop out-of-season clothes, additional sheets and towels, and even shoes in here to clear your bedroom of clutter. A great option for smaller spaces. Other storage options include wooden bed frames with underbed storage drawers.

Wooden beds are available in a range of sizes including single, wooden single beds, wooden double beds, king size and super king size. Choose from a range of colours including white and a mix of wood effects.

How much is a wooden bed frame?

Wooden bed frames are available at a range of different price points so there is something to suit every budget.

You really don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a high-quality wooden bed frame.
There are lots of different options to suit different tastes, budgets and needs.

Sicily Wooden Bed Frame

Metal Bed Frames

Discover a contemporary look for your bedroom with metal bed frames. Browse sleek designs in a range of colours, for a timeless finish to your décor. Metal bed frames are the kings of versatility. Whether you want contemporary or classic, simple or elegant; metal bed frames work effortlessly in a variety of decors.

Make a statement with a Victorian-inspired bed frame. These metal bed comes with intricate metal carvings in the headboard and foot of the bed, for a truly grandiose appearance. If you prefer something simpler for your children or guest room, you will find single metal beds. Choose from a variety of colours including white, silver and black.

What is a metal bed?

Metal frame beds are usually made from chrome, nickel, or brass. They’re strong, supportive, and long-lasting – they’re the bed that’s ready to weather whatever life throws at you.

Most metal beds incorporate a headboard, which is perfect for resting your back against with a pillow as you sit up to enjoy your morning coffee in bed, an after-dinner book, or a TV binge. A headboard will also give your bed a complete look, as it will blend seamlessly with the bedframe.

Metal beds are suitable for kids, singles, and couples alike – and come in single, small double, double, king and super king sizes.

What are the benefits of metal frame beds?

Whether you want contemporary or classic, simple or elegant, a metal bed will perfectly complement all kinds of décor.

Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing, metal beds are ideal for their strength and durability. They can be a more affordable option than wooden bed, without feeling like a compromise on style or durability.

Dreaming of a romantic, Victorian-style bedroom? Choose the charming Harvard Metal Bed Frame. This bed frame is a stunning classic, and it will impart an enduring sense of style to your bedroom. Its premium quality metal finish adds warmth and character, making this metal bed the perfect complement to any bedroom décor.

The Harvard metal bed features traditional lines at both ends of the bed; elegant, polished nickel finials; and beautiful brushed metal detailing. It’s also available in a number of contemporary colours and finishes, so you can tailor it to your unique style.


Are Metal Bed Frames Cheaper?

Metal bed frames are usually cheaper than wooden beds, so you’ll be left with more money to put towards a mattress. Thanks to their streamlined construction, you won’t need to buy a separate headboard, either.

Harvard Metal Bed Frame

Fabric & Upholstered Bed Frames

Introduce an element of glamour to your bedroom with a beautiful fabric bed frames. Sink into the plush cushioning of a super-cosy headboard, perfect for lazy Sunday mornings in bed. Fabric bed frames are made of the finest upholstery and are available in single, double and king size.

When it comes to comfort, upholstered bed frames are great at creating a cosy and welcoming bedroom environment. Underneath the material they usually have a wooden frame, so are very durable too.
If you enjoy lounging in bed, as well as the plush fabric bed with hidden extras, look into the benefits of a TV bed. They have enough space in the footboard to store a flat screen TV, while hidden speakers create a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own bed.

What exactly is an upholstered bed?

An upholstered or fabric bed is a bed which is typically built with a wooden frame, which is then covered in a plush or soft fabric to create a comfortable, cushioned surface.

Fabric beds are completely upholstered from the head to the sides of the bed. Available in a multitude of colours, fabric beds can blend seamlessly into your bedroom’s existing aesthetic. Plus, fabric or upholstered bed frames create a soft, cosy and welcoming bedroom environment.

What sizes do upholstered beds come in?

Upholstered and fabric beds are available in every size, whether you’re on the hunt for a single bed for a spare room or a super king bed for your master suite.

A single fabric bed makes a great statement in a children’s room or makes for a luxurious guest experience. A double is great for couples who share a bed and an upholstered king bed is the perfect size for a couple who like a bit more space to stretch out while they sleep.

What type of fabric beds are available?

Fabric and upholstered beds come in a range of options including TV beds, ottoman beds and divan beds.

If you enjoy lounging in bed, a TV bed could be just the one for you. They have enough space in the footboard to cleverly store a flatscreen TV. Some also come with hidden speakers, to create a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own bed.

If you’re short on bedroom storage, then an ottoman bed frame will help you to make the most of your underbed space. The mattress easily lifts away from the frame (from the side or the end of the bed) giving you access to the lined storage area underneath, so that you can maximise every bit of floorspace in your bedroom.

A divan bed is also a good option for an upholstered bed with storage. These bed frames have hidden underbed drawers or ottoman storage, which are all great for storing additional towels or bed linen.

Do fabric beds come with headboards?

Yes, bed frames come with a headboard that complements the full design of the frame, as standard. For divan beds, the headboards are either purchased separately or as part of a set and there are options for both strutted or floor standing headboards.

How do you clean an upholstered bed?

Some people worry that an upholstered bed will be difficult to keep clean. While it is true that they do require a little more upkeep than some other types of bed frame, there are only a couple of extra things to add into your weekly cleaning routine.

The first is to vacuum the fabric headboard (and footboard if there is one). This is best done as you’re changing the bed so that you’ve got easy access to all areas. This will help to remove any dust or dirt that has gathered here.

Be sure to always follow the care instructions that come with your bed, in case there is anything specific that you need to do.


Are divan beds upholstered?

Yes, some divan beds are upholstered. You can get upholstered divan beds in a range of styles including faux leather beds, crushed velvet beds and tufted beds.

An upholstered divan bed is a great choice for when you’re struggling for storage space but still crave that luxury support. ‘Killing two birds with one stone’, divan beds have storage drawers built into the bed base where you can easily store items such as bed linen, which you might not wish to have on show.

Are fabric beds on trend?

Yes, fabric beds are bang on trend. You only have to have a quick scroll through Instagram to see an array of fabric beds suiting all different kinds of aesthetic.

Choose from muted beige tones or a grey upholstered bed frame for a colour which never goes out of fashion. These shades can fit in seamlessly with any colour scheme. Tufted bed frames give a grand and luxurious feel to your bedroom.

If you’ve got a passion for fashion then why not choose an upholstered bed in a jewel tone? Try vibrant greens, deep pinks or royal blues to really make a statement in your bedroom.

Penelope Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Faux Leather Bed Frames

On the hunt for a new bed for your bedroom? Faux leather beds make a great addition to any space. Sleek and chic in design, faux leather beds are becoming more and more popular. Available in a range of stunning sizes from single faux leather beds right through to double faux leather beds these upholstered masterpieces will look good in any space. What’s more, our faux leather beds are available in a variety of beautiful colours, so whether you’re on the hunt for a simple cream faux leather bed or you prefer something darker like a brown faux leather bed – our collection caters for everyone.


What is a faux leather bed?

A faux leather bed is a type of upholstered bed. Typically created from a wooden frame, a faux leather bed is them coated with the finest faux leather fabric to give it a beautiful and sleek finish. The wooden base means the beds are durable and long lasting, with a slightly more statement finish than your typical wooden bed frame. Faux leather beds also are available with handy underbed storage making them an excellent addition to bedrooms which are slightly more limited on space.

What different types of faux leather beds are there?

Faux leather beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes just like our other beds. With so much choice available you’re bound to find something you love. Whether you opt for a single faux leather bed to add to your guest bedroom, or you’re looking for a king size to add to your master suite, our collection has something to offer. Faux leather bed frames are also available with underbed storage. Storage beds are particularly handy for bedrooms that are limited on storage space. Simply use the drawers beneath the bed to store bulky items which you don’t use frequently.

What size is a faux leather bed?

Faux leather beds are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, just like any other bed. Whether you’re looking for a single bed for a teenagers bedroom or you want to make a statement with a super king bed, our range of leather beds could have something for you. As always when buying a bed make sure you measure your space to really be sure you’re making the most out of every inch.

What are the benefits of a faux leather bed?

Faux leather beds come with many benefits. Firstly, faux leather beds are typically really easy to care for. Made from wipeable fabric, you can simply spray and wipe down the bed to keep the material feeling fresh and hygienic. This prevents the bed from catching any nasty stains and you can love your bed for much longer.

What’s more, the comfortable fabric of a faux leather headboard makes for a great backrest. Whether you love to lounge in bed watching your favourite box sets, or you like to enjoy breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning – a faux leather headboard will make for the perfect back support when sitting up in bed.

Faux leather beds are also great because of the extra storage they present. Like other storage beds such as divans or ottomans, faux leather beds come with handy underbed storage which you can really make the most out of. This additional storage will mean you are able to really keep on top of clutter in your space, transforming your bedroom into a peaceful haven which you can simply relax in.

Faux Leather beds make a great statement feature in any bedroom. If you’re looking for something eye catching to bring your décor together a faux leather bed is just that. If your bedroom has a simple and minimal design, a faux leather bed will add a brilliant dose of vibrancy to make your space pop.

Staples and Co Artisan Deluxe Divan Bed Set On Glides



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