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Small Kitchen ideas – buying guide for small kitchens

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How to maximise your small kitchen…

It can be difficult to imagine fitting all the essential appliances into your small kitchen. With city living becoming increasingly more popular we find ourselves having to live smaller. When you imagine your dream kitchen you probably picture large work top surfaces, a large dining area and possibly an island in the centre, with plenty of storage for your pots and pans and all the other kitchen utensils needed to create those delicious meals but your small space probably has other ideas…

Things to consider in a small kitchen

  1. How often do you cook?
  2. Do you entertain or need to cook for more people? How often?
  3. Size of the room or kitchen area – can you fit full size appliances? Or do you need slimline or compact appliances?
  4. Plan your cooking and refrigeration first – where is the logical place for them to be situated? Measure the maximum height, depth and width.
  5. Do you have space for under counter appliances?
  6. How much cupboard space do you have? Can you maximise internal cupboard space? What about using additional hanging space

MySmallSpace tip: Search appliances by size to find the appliances which will fit your space

Although your kitchen may be small, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on making it a place that is functional, fits your everyday needs and looks great. Choose the right colour counters and cupboards to create a light workable space, or go vivid and make a style statement in your home. After all the kitchen is meant to be the heart of the home! So why not make it functional and funky too.

Appliances (often known as white goods) come in many different colours from the glossiest black to the perfect pastel. In a small space having complementary colour appliances help to pull the look together, but it can be difficult to find all of the appliances the right size and the right shade, but sometimes function has to supercede style so don’t be afraid of contrasting colours.

Compact kitchen appliances

You may be looking at your small kitchen thinking ‘how am I going to fit a dish washer, a cooker, an oven and and a washing machine in here?!’ Luckily, kitchen appliances are downsizing, allowing you to have everything you need to make your kitchen a practical and functional space. Compact appliances will allow you to make use of the limited space, allowing room for more work space which is vital in any kitchen.

Slimline dishwashers

If you’re after something slightly larger than the compact option, slimline dishwashers are also a great way to save space – choose freestanding slimline dishwashers or integrated slimline dishwashers.

Space Saving Fridges

When shopping for a fridge or a fridge/freezer, it is important to bear in mind the limited space you have available. Luckily, fridges are becoming more slim-line and less bulky as they have been in the past and therefore are easier to fit into your small kitchen without impeding on your valuable space.

Slimline fridges

Slimline fridges can be freestanding or integrated into your small kitchen. A slimline fridge freezer is a great way to have a combined fridge/freezer to save space.

Under counter fridges

If you live on your own or there are two of you, an under counter fridge is a great way to save space but supplying you with a decent sized refrigerator.

Multi-functional ovens

When in search of an oven for your small space try to look for multi-functional ovens such as compact ovens with micro-wave. This will save you having to buy a microwave as well as an oven and therefore will save you space!

Kitchen Storage

To avoid your work tops becoming a holding space for the foods which can’t fit in the cupboard, adding some extra storage to your small kitchen will maximise your space and it will help you stay organised. Adding shelving units are a great way to extend your cupboard space to allow more storage without adding more cupboards.

Kitchen storage can come in several options: internal shelves (to expand the internal storage space); floor standing storage which can also fit in corners or come on wheels for easy mobility; wall mounted storage or hanging storage. Kitchen shelves can be slimline and are a great way to expand storage in under utilised places.

Floor-standing kitchen storage

Floor-standing kitchen shelving can come in a variety of options – trolley shelves on wheels, corner tiered storage, or fixed shelving units.

Work top kitchen storage

Sometimes it’s hard to fit all of your weekly food shopping in the limited storage units you have available, especially things like spices and herbs. Work top shelving is the perfect solution to place and store your spices. Arranging them neatly will look impressive and decorative and will also leave room in your storage cabinets for more food- which is always an added bonus!

Wall mounted kitchen storage

It’s important to make use of as much of your small space as you can without making it look over-crowded.

Kitchen tables

Modern homes often no longer have a dining room, so eating in the kitchen or in the kitchen area (in an open plan space) has become the new normal. Finding a kitchen table to fit your space and to accommodate guests can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Handy Kitchen Accessories

When it comes to cooking and cleaning in your kitchen space you want it to be quick and efficient. Below are some great accessories and gadgets to speed things up and keep your kitchen area clean, tidy and hassle free!

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