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Buying Guide for Children's Bedroom

Buying Guide for Children’s Bedroom

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Furniture to help you create the perfect children’s room

A child’s room is their safe haven – a place they can go to play, read, dream, and relax. Whether you’re setting up your first nursery or turning your child’s den into a teenage living space, we’ve got some great furniture ideas that can help you create the perfect children’s room.

When working with a small space for your child’s bedroom you need to make sure you maximise your space as much as possible. And the best way to get this done is to use furniture that helps conserve space. So whether you are setting up a new bedroom or upgrading one they already have, this buying guide for children’s bedroom provides you with a great selection of space saving furniture to help you maximise the space you are working with.

Things to Consider When Buying Furniture for Children’s Bedroom

Size of room

Take a good look at the size of your child’s room before progressing to get the furniture you need is very essential. This will help you decide the type of furniture to get and the best spot to place them.


With children, safety is supreme. Look for pieces that are strong and sturdy, ideally made from long-lasting hardwood. Make sure the paint or finish is tough, durable, and non-toxic. Also, ensure your children’s bedroom furniture is properly assembled, and there are no loose screws that could compromise safety.


Age is very important to safety, so it is very essential to check for the recommended age range for any furniture before making a purchase.


Think about what special interests your child has and what they are likely to want in their bedroom. An example will be setting up their bedroom to feature their favourite colour or images of their favourite superhero.


Weight might also be a safety factor. Some children weigh more than other kids their age, so parents should check the maximum weight for products for children, particularly beds before making a purchase.


When it comes to setting up your child’s bedroom, it’s also worth considering the materials that you will use. Opt for comfortable fabrics that feature interesting colour, shapes, and textures. For the furniture, wooden items may be the right choice.

Children’s Beds

children's bed

A bed is the focal point of a child’s room, so it’s really essential to get it right. If you are working with a small then it is important you maximise your space so as to provide enough space for your children to move around and also to play.

You can make the most of the space you have by opting for a space saving bed or a bed that provides your child with more than one function.

Children’s Seating

children's armchairs

Provide your child with a seat to play, relax, and enjoy their day with space saving chairs and sofas that fit into the smallest spaces in their bedrooms. Some of this furniture come in modern styles that complement other furniture already in the room.

Think about the size of your child’s room before buying one, so your kids can still have enough space to play and move around after the chair or sofa has been added.

Kid’s Desks and Chairs

kids desk and chair

Adding a desk and chair to your child’s room is a good way to encourage them to always do their homework. It is also the ideal spot for them to play games, and get busy with arts and crafts. When shopping for desk and chairs for your child’s room, opt for those that are space saving or multifunctional. A good start will be to choose a compact storage desk so as to provide your child with a place to hideaway scribbling materials that might clutter their bedroom.

Children’s Room Storage

children's room storage

Storage is essential in a child’s room. Keep your kid’s room organised and free of toys, clothes, and other clutter with space saving children’s room storage such as compact bookcases, shelves, bedside tables, and chest of drawers that will take up just little floor space in their bedroom while giving them enough space to move around.

Children’s Bedside Cabinets

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Children’s Chest of Drawers

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Children’s Wardrobes

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Children’s Bookcases

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Children’s Toy Storage

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Children’s Shelves

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Nursery Furniture


If you’re setting up a nursery in preparation for the arrival of a new bundle of joy then space saving or multifunctional nursery furniture are what you need. You can select from cots that come equipped with storage and compact changing tables that come with drawers to give you more storage options for all your baby needs.


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Changing Tables

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Children’s Room Accessories

children's cushions

Children’s room accessories are the best way to add colour to your child’s room. So turn your kids’ rooms into their own personal haven with cushions and bedding that have their favourite colour or graphics of their best superhero. You can also make sure they get the best night’s sleep by opting for a mattress that helps them sleep once they are tucked into bed.

Children’s Mattresses

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Children’s Bedding

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Children’s Cushions

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Need more inspiration?

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