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Living Big in a small space -

Living Big In A Small Space

Design Ideas

First Published Decemeber 2016

Updated 16th November 2017

New build properties around the world are decreasing in size and many people are downsizing to smaller living spaces for a variety of reasons.  Living in a small space can be a challenge especially if you are used to a much larger space.  But living big in a small space is possible if you understand your functional needs and don’t compromise on design. There are solutions in every price range, so you can find a budget you are comfortable with.

Whether you are using an interior designer to create a perfect space, or whether you are going down the DIY route, make sure you create a space that makes sense.

Assess your needs

Are you looking for a space just for living, living and working, or for living, working and entertaining? Understanding your needs at the outset will help you choose the right furniture solutions for your space.

Multi-functional uses means you should consider multi-functional or transforming furniture solutions.  Whether that be a console table that extends to a dining table when you want to entertain, or if you need to accommodate house guests and a dedicated working space, you might want to consider a wall bed which transforms into a desk. Gone are the days that your ‘spare room’ can only be used when you have guests because the bed dominates the room, or even worse it becomes storage, a.k.a. the dumping ground for things you can’t find a place for elsewhere in the house.

Love it or Leave it

Living in a small space does not mean you need to compromise on style.  You don’t have to limit yourself to shopping at the world’s favourite Scandinavian retailer, even though there is nothing wrong with that and they have some great solutions. There are just many more options which are available at an accessible price.  The thing about living in a small space is every furniture item you own needs to play a part. You will be getting close up and personal to your possessions on a more regular basis if you only have one living space that you spend all of your time in. So the things you choose should be things you love, not that irritate you because they don’t match the function, design aesthetic or purpose that you intended.

Don’t Forget The Small Stuff

Having a place for everything means you have to think about what you need to store and where you can store it. Having the ability to put things out of sight gives you more space to live uncluttered and unencumbered.  When space is at a premium, furniture with storage comes into its own.  Coffee tables with drawers or inbuilt storage use the same space as one without, but serve more functions. Bedside tables with drawers, occupy the same space as one’s without, but they add to your bedroom storage. Choosing a bed with storage adds massively to your storage options. Ottoman beds provide the best bedroom storage, but not all have the same capacity, so choose carefully.

Maximise Your Storage

Once you have chosen your storage options you can further enhance your space by maximising your storage.  Whether you are looking for vacuum bags to increase your under-bed storage capacity or to increase your hanging wardrobe space, there are several solutions. You can maximise the storage of your internal drawers in your bedroom or kitchen using clever storage dividers, or increase the storage capacity of your cupboards using tiered storage systems which allow you to use more of the wasted internal spaces in your units. Shoe storage is always an issue, but there are several options including floor-standing, wall-mounted or under-bed shoe storage solutions. Even your bathroom space can be maximised using clever storage.

So living big in your small space can now be a real possibility – just by choosing the right options for your home.

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