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Space saving with Amazon Prime

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Maximise your space with Amazon Prime>

Amazon Prime day is set to be the world’s best day to shop and to make it easier for those of you with small spaces we’ve grabbed the best products Amazon has to offer that will help maximise your small space.

Living Room

Your living room is probably where you will spend most of your down time watching television and chilling on the sofa. It can also be where you spend time entertaining guests. Therefore, it is essential that you make your living room cosy and welcoming. In a small space you don’t have to be restricted, there are many ways in which you can achieve a cosy and welcoming environment. One of the best ways to get the most out of your space is multi-functional furniture.Amazon have a great range of Ottoman sofa beds as well as coffee tables with storage and a variety of shelving units. These will all help you get rid of any clutter you don’t want on show and utilise the space effectively.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Your kitchen and dining is where you spend your time cooking and eating so it’s important for it to be kept tidy, clean, organised and made to feel bigger than it is. Wall mounted tables and slim line bar top and stools are great to incorporate a dining area and they don’t impose on your space.


Your bedroom is your own personal private fortress. Therefore, you want it to feel safe and cosy with minimal clutter. Amazon offer some great Ottoman beds which allow you to store all of your shoes out of site and anything else you don’t want on show. They also have some great beds which fold away in to the wall which are perfect for studio apartments.

You will also want to avoid having your clothes spilling out of your wardrobe onto the floor. Amazon also offer a great range of space saving wardrobe products to maximise the minimal wardrobe space that you might have.


Office space is probably the hardest area to make room for in a small space. The key to making this space available is folding furniture and multi-functional furniture. Below are some great desks to help you gain an office space without taking up too much room.


In small spaces the bathrooms can be squeezed into the smallest of spaces and so it is essential for you to squeeze out every possible use by utilising its corners and space effectively. Here are some products which will help you do just that.


In small spaces gardens exist in a variety of sizes. Even if your garden area is a small balcony area, there are still pieces of furniture that can help you get the most out of the outside area. Amazon offers some great minimalist furniture which allow you to keep it out of site it is not in use.


Laundry can be the most difficult thing to be able to do in a small space without having you’re clothes drying all over the place. Look no further… we’ve grabbed the very best products to help save space when it comes to your laundry. From wall mounted clothes dryers to fold away ironing boards.

“To participate in Prime Day you need to be a member of Amazon Prime; customers can sign-up or start a free trial of Prime by visiting 

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