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Space Saving Beds to Help You Relax Even Better

Space Saving Beds to Help You Relax

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Celebrate National Bed Month With These Space Saving Beds

March is National Bed Month, which makes now the perfect time to check if your bed is helping you relax and sleep better. Sleep is essential and not getting enough of it can lead to illness, stress and irritability.

So if your bed isn’t comfortable and does not help you enjoy your sleep, or causes your body pains then now is the time to opt for something more sturdy and comfortable.

When picking a bed, you need to look for one that is very comfortable – something so comfortable, you will literally sleep off the moment your body touches it. Depending on the space you have available, you can opt for a bed that is grand or those that can help you save or maximise your floor space.

If you thinking about changing your bed, then here are some innovative, space saving, and space maximising beds that can help you relax even better.

Storage beds

storage bed MySmallSpace

Storage beds are perfect if you want to maximise your bedroom space. If you find yourself running out of storage space, then you can effortlessly hide away items that will normally clutter your bedroom space by choosing a bed with storage. It is an ideal solution because you can store your items within the bed itself while creating a tidier and more peaceful place to sleep.

Bookcase beds

bookcase bed MySmallSpace

Bookcase beds are ideal if you’re someone who owns lots of books. They are multifunctional because they provide you with a bed to enjoy a good night’s sleep and a bookcase to keep your favourite bestsellers at arms reach. Opting for a bookcase bed helps you keep your space tidy, as the books that would have cluttered your bedroom space now have a place to perch.

Smart beds

smart bed MySmallSpace

A smart bed is an innovative and space saving solution if you live in a small space. Besides providing you with a bed to sleep on, smart beds come with functionalities you would have gotten from two or more furniture.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for a smart bed that comes with a TV, lighting, USB charging, wireless charging, speaker, Bluetooth, and lots more.

Bunk beds

bunk bed

Bunk beds are the perfect fun solution for maximising the space in a bedroom. Whether you’re adding an extra bed for a growing toddler, or just trying to make the most of your guest room for when guests come visiting, a bunk bed is the ultimate space saver for a bedroom.

Children also tend to get excited about having one in their room. Bunk beds are great because they give each child their own sleeping space, as opposed to making them share a bed. They also allow for convenience when your child has a friend sleeping over.

Children’s Beds With Desk

children's bed with desk MySmallSpace

Kids deserve a cosy and comfortable bed to enjoy a good night’s rest and a nice desk and chair to do their homework. But if space is limited, fitting a bed, a desk and a chair into their bedroom will be very challenging, which is why a bed with a desk will be a good fit for your child’s room.

This type of bed provides your little one with a bed to sleep and rest, and also a desk under the bed or those that can be pulled out when they need to read or do their homework.

Trundle beds

trundle beds MySmallSpace

A trundle bed is an excellent choice if you occasionally have guests but are a bit limited on space. With a trundle bed, you get a single bed on top and another single bed hidden underneath which can be pulled out and set up within a couple of minutes.

Some trundle bed allow you to push the beds together to make a kingsize bed, while most of them have two beds at different heights.

Folding beds

folding bed

A folding bed is perfect if you get lots of guests. Practical and convenient, a folding bed can be unfolded and used, then after use, it can easily be folded and hidden away to help you maximise your living space.

The simple design and smooth finish means your folding bed will fit into any home décor perfectly.

Sofa beds

sofa bed MySmallSpace

A sofa bed is the ideal piece of furniture for someone who lives in a space that serves as both a bedroom and a living room. A sofa bed is two pieces of furniture in one – a comfy sofa by day, and a guest bed or even a permanent one by night. It’s therefore ideal for small spaces. If you already have a bed, then a sofa bed can serve as a spot for your friends or family member to stretch out on when they come visiting.


mattress MySmallSpace

A bed is incomplete without a mattress. To relax and have a proper rest you need a mattress that supports your sleeping position. Side sleepers need a softer mattress, stomach sleepers need a firm one, and back sleepers fall somewhere in between. Regardless of sleeping position, it is essential to opt for a mattress that does not give you sleepless nights and achy mornings.


bedding MySmallSpace

Once your bed and mattress are ready, choosing the right bedding will help you create the perfect sleeping sanctuary. If you are bored with your bedroom’s look, introducing bedding such as duvets, sheets, pillowcases and lots more with calming colour and cosy texture can be a great way to refresh your bedroom.



Bed throws




Duvet covers

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