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Home Gym Equipment For All Your Fitness Needs

The country is going from Lockdown to Lockdown with wide ranging restrictions in between. While we would all love to step out for a run or reactivate our gym memberships, it’s essential to be sure the coast is clear before doing that. But while waiting, you can make use of the smallest spaces you have got in your home to set up a home gym where you can easily go to when you need to work up a sweat. Who knows? You might just enjoy your new workout space so well, that you might reconsider the gym membership.

Why we all know the importance of exercise, setting up a home gym on the other hand can be tasking especially when you are dealing with a small space. The trick is to opt for home gym equipment that are space saving. An example will be choosing an exercise bike that is foldable so you can easily fold it and stowaway when you are done with the day’s workout.

So whether you are into cardio or strength fitness, we are sure you will find a space saving option to help you set up the perfect home gym.

The Perfect Running Option


Treadmills are the perfect running option when you can’t leave your home for a run. They are easy to use and provide an efficient and predictable aerobic workout – making them good tools for losing weight, getting fit, and staying fit. Some treadmills offer you the option for careful heart rate and blood pressure monitoring.

When choosing a treadmill for your home gym, it is essential to opt for those that help you make the most of your space.

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A versatile Bench

exercise bench

An exercise bench is a must-have in your home gym because it supports all forms of workout. Whether you are into weight lifting, sit-ups, or dumbells, an exercise bench can help you smash your fitness goals. A space saving option, like a foldable exercise bench, will be perfect if space is premium in your home.

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Bike On a Spot

exercise bike

If you are into cycling then an exercise bike is what you need in your home gym. Working out with an exercise bike is an efficient and effective way to get your heart pumping. It’s also a great way to burn calories and body fat while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles.

When compared to some other types of cardio equipment, an exercise bike puts less stress on your joints, while providing your body with an excellent aerobic workout. A foldable exercise bike that can be stored away after use is perfect if you live in a small space.

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Row Out the Calories

rowing machine

You don’t have to be a professional rower to reap the benefits of rowing. With a rowing machine, you can burn some calories while amping up your endurance, strength, and muscle. If you are setting up your home gym in a small space then a compact or folding rowing machine will work perfectly for your space.

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A Total Body Workout

cross trainer

A cross trainer is the perfect equipment to add to your home gym because it offers you a low impact, total body workout. It’s perfect for weight loss and can help strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles.

If your looking for home gym equipment that really goes easy on your joints then a cross trainer is what you need. When selecting a cross trainer, opt for one that is compact.

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Non Aerobic Exercises

home gym accessories'

Not everybody can keep up with tough and straining exercises that make you sweat and grunt. This is why every home gym should have equipment for non-aerobic workouts such as pilates and yoga. This means that aside from the typical weight machines and treadmills, you also make room for yoga and gym accessories such as yoga mats, gym balls, small dumbbells, etc.

Pilates Reformers

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Home gym accessories

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Yoga accessories

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Need More Inspiration?

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