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Creating a reading nook at home

Creating a Reading Nook at Home

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Set Up a Reading Nook in Your Home

In our very busy lives, a work-free day is a luxury. But if we dedicate that time to doing relaxing activities, such as reading a novel, working through a stack of magazines or meditating, they can serve as cues to slow down and find time for self-care amid hectic schedules. But peaceful activities like these can only serve the purpose they are done for if you dedicate a space in your home to it.

A spare room or a rarely used guest room can be converted into a library or a meditation room, but if you don’t have such kind of space, then you can create your reading nook in a corner of your living room, a portion of your bedroom, or in a section of your home office.

As we celebrate World Book Day, there is no better time to carve out a reading space in your home than now. Besides getting a place to perch on while you read, and storage for your books, your reading nook should be a place where you can relax and take a breath. It should be a corner, or if you like, an entire room in your home dedicated to your needs and unique personality.

Below are some ideas and products that can aid you in creating a reading nook at home.

Get Comfortable

chair in a reading nook MySmallSpace

You cannot create a reading nook at home without a seat, while it can be possible to stand and read, It will definitely be more enjoyable when you are relaxed. So get comfortable by adding a cosy seat to your reading nook.

Your choice of seating depends largely, of course, on how much space you have. If you are dealing with a small space, then a small armchair, a corner chair or multifunctional seating options such as a storage sofa, or a storage bench will work just fine.

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Your Reading Nook is Incomplete Without Books

books in a reading nook

A reading nook is incomplete without books, and our books on the other hand allow us to indulge in stories and escape to different places. So it’s no wonder we find it difficult getting rid of them, even after the story is over.

If you’re looking to create a reading space in a section of your home office, bedroom, living room or any other room opting for books that are suitable for the various rooms in your space will be perfect.

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Get a Perch For Your Books

Ladder bookcase MySmallSpace

All those bestsellers you have been buying need to be kept neatly so they don’t clutter your space. Adding a perch for your books into your reading nook can be challenging when space is premium, so to create a storage space for your books in your small space, you can opt for space saving options such as narrow bookcases, corner bookcases or ladder bookcases.

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Make Your Reading Nook a Sanctuary

lift up coffee table MySmallSpace

A seat and light to read by are the essentials of a reading nook. But adding a few more items can take your space beyond functional, transforming it into a sanctuary.

For instance, a lift up coffee table beside your seat gives you a spot to place your drink as you read. Also, a desk is important if you plan to write in your reading nook. And if your reading space is in a section of a larger room such as your living room or bedroom, a room divider provides some solitude and also aids in reducing sound.

Space too small? Combine seating and storage

lift up coffee table MySmallSpace

When space is too tight to cram in a separate seat and book storage, a bookcase reading seat is the perfect option. A practical solution when you are short of space, a storage reading seat ticks all the boxes.

Light Up your Reading Nook

Adjustable floor Lighting MySmallSpace

While normal lighting is essential in every room of a home, some rooms should have multiple sources of light. Rooms like home office and your reading nook should not rely exclusively on an overhead light fixture, instead include some sort of adjustable lighting into the mix.

A floor or table lamp with adjustable arms or a clip-on desk lamp will help you light up your reading nook. If your floor or surface space is tight, wall lighting with adjustable arms is ideal.

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Make It Yours With Home Accessories

cushion on chair MySmallSpace

Your reading nook should be set up in a way that inspires you to read even more. It should be a place you look forward to spending time in, and that can be done by sprucing it up with accessories.

A cushion on your seat acts as the perfect back support, an area rug protects your feet from the cold while a sumptuous throw keeps you warm during chilly evenings.

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Need more inspiration?

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