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Creating A Neutral Colour Palette For Your Home 750x450

Creating A Neutral Colour Palette For Your Home

Design Ideas

Decorating Your Home With A Neutral Colour Palette

Painting your wall with a neutral colour or decorating your space with furniture and home accessories with neutral colour can be very exciting. Contrary to the belief that neutral colour is boring, decorating your space with neutral colour, creates a classic and elegant space that is timeless.

Choosing a neutral colour palette for your home can benefit you in numerous ways. They can be the canvas of colour that gives you the freedom to experiment with textiles and accessories in warmer, more vivid colour. Or, the use of cooler neutrals that gives your room a more open, clean and breezy look.

What Are Neutral Colours?

neutral colour palette
Neutral colour palette (Image credit: Theconceptwardrobe)

When it comes to interior design, neutral means without colour. Neutral colours don’t show up on the colour wheel, they are soft, subtle, and blend effortlessly with other colours. Examples are white, black, brown, beige, grey and lots more.

We’ve rounded up some key products for every room to help you design your space with a neutral colour palette. Check them out below.

Living room

neutral living room

If you want to create a relaxing living room, a neutral colour palette is the way to go. The key to getting this right is to use a variety of complementary tones, mix materials, and play with patterns​—just like you would with any other colour palette.


Sofa beds


Side tables

Coffee tables

Console tables

Entertainment unit


neutral bedroom

Decorating your bedroom space with furniture and accessories in neutral colour can be tricky, so it has to be done right. When done properly, a neutral bedroom can look amazing, be full of character, tantalise the senses, and ultimately evoke calm. Decorating with neutral colours should not be about bringing in a lot of white, it should be about using a mix of other neutral colours that are not likely to attract attention.

Remember the goal is to evoke calm, and relaxation, so stick with colours like soft grey, taupe, beige and more. Keep your neutral bedroom design interesting by adding texture with a rug, cushion or bedding.


Bedside tables

Chest of drawers

Dressing tables


Kitchen and dining

neutral kitchen and dining

There is something about a neutral interior that just calms the nerve. Having a neutral palette for the kitchen or dining room makes your space look casual and serene. Besides being timeless, it is the perfect colour palette choice to make the kitchen more cozy, unique, sophisticated, and refreshing.

Whether it is gathering for everyday family meals or hosting dinner parties for friends and family, let your neutral dining room play the perfect host. When decorating your kitchen and dining space with neutral colour, combine the colour in the neutral palette and incorporate wooden furniture for warmth and texture.

Dining Chairs

Dining Tables

Dining Table Sets

Small Appliances



Fridge Freezers




Tumble Dryers

Washing Machines

Home office

neutral home office

You deserve a home office that inspires you towards success, so fire up your productivity by decorating your workspace with neutral colours that keep your mind calm and focused. Opt for neutral home office furniture, a rug, and a throw to bring texture into your home office.

Home office desks

Home office chairs

Children’s room

neutral children's room

A child’s bedroom should be a haven, a space they love spending time in, where they feel safe as they drift off to sleep, and comforted by what they see when they wake up in the morning. Create a calm and relaxing space for your kids with a neutral colour palette by introducing furniture and accessories in neutral colour into their room. You can make it more uniform by painting the wall with a warmer neutral colour.

Children’s beds

Children’s bookcases

Children’s chest of drawers

Children’s seating

Children’s Shelves

Children’s wardrobes

Home accessories

neutral home accessories

Accessories are one of the easiest ways to decorate your home with a neutral colour palette. Painting the wall of any room in your space with a neutral colour and adding accessories such as a rug, cushion, wallpaper, or throw can inject the calm and tranquillity that neutral colour bring into your space.









Wall Art

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