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create your happy place with Argos

Create Your Happy Place With Argos

Design Ideas

Are you stuck in a home-style rut?

There are times when you look at your home and get the feeling that it’s not giving you what you want. So if you are stuck in a home-style rut or not getting the most from the space you have, then it is time for a change.

If you’re thinking about a total home makeover to create your happy space, or just looking to add finishing touches to your space to make it come alive, then Argos can help you turn your home into a haven.

From great tips that will transform your space into a place that makes you happy, to products that provide you satisfaction and comfortability. Keep reading.

Working from home

working from home

As a result of the pandemic, more of us work from the comfort of our home. While this can be relaxing, (no more commuting), it sometimes can make us less efficient with work. In order to be more effective working from home, you need to set up a home office environment which can encourage more productivity.

Home offices don’t have to be boring – and they don’t need to take over a whole room. Argos compact office furniture styles are designed to coordinate with your favorite home trends, meaning they can easily fit into a small corner in your bedroom or living room without taking up much of your floor space.

Home office desks

Separate home and work with home office desks which inspires productivity. When choosing a home office desk, opt for a compact or corner desk. A storage desk is ideal, if you have lots of paperwork or documents, so they do not clutter your home.

Home office chairs

Comfort is the most important feature when choosing a home office chair, if you’re going to be using it for work day-in-day-out, you need a chair that is adjustable and promotes a healthy posture.

Home office lighting

There are certain places where you really need good lighting, to get the job done, and not strain your eyes too much – one of these is your home office. When buying home office lighting,  choose adjustable lighting, so you have more flexibility and can direct light, exactly where you need it.

Refresh your room to boost your mood

Mood-boosting room refreshes

We are spending more time in our homes than before, so it’s more important than ever for our homes to be a happy, comfortable space. Updating your cushions, refreshing the bedding, or adding a little greenery, are small tweaks that have a big payoff.

Follow the steps below to refresh your space and improve your mood.

Opt for statement lighting

Are you lacking lighting creativity in your rooms? Switch out boring shades or lamps, to something with a bit more personality or style. Don’t stress if you’re in a rental and can’t change lighting fixtures – luxe floor, table lamps and stylish lampshades can also lift a space.

Invest in standout furniture

If the big pieces are a little lackluster, boost the appeal of a room with some smaller statement pieces. A bright accent chair, bold pouf, or quirky table will quickly make it your own.

Create a gallery wall

Wall art can instantly brighten a magnolia-walled world. Collect a few of your favorite prints or photos and play around with different layouts on the floor before you add to the wall.

Trick the eye with mirrors

They make a space seem brighter and more spacious, especially when paired with lots of lighting. If you’re struggling for hanging space, choose standing styles or large mirrors that can rest against a wall.

Clear (or conceal) your clutter

Stuff. Everywhere? Can make your space look messy, and your mood feel heavy and lacklustre – so dedicate a day to decluttering. Insert some savvy storage to display or stow away the things you decide to keep.

Hide ugly flooring

Cover up cold laminate or drab carpet with a lovely rug (the bigger the better). Renting? You can easily take these with you if you move, so it’s worth investing in a style you love.

Making more of mealtimes

Making more of mealtimes

The dining table is typically where family and friends come together to eat and unwind. Whatever the occasion, a simple supper, a feast for foodies, or Sunday lunch for a crowd, you can make every meal memorable with gorgeous dining furniture and tempting tableware designs from Argos.

Create an at-home gym

Create an at-home gym

Not being fit and healthy, can make you unhappy; so keep active while at home by creating a space to workout.

Carving out a space in your home to be active is easier than you might think. Whether it’s yoga, a sweaty spin session, or following a HIIT video that takes your fancy, these at-home gym essentials will help you reach your goals.

Need more inspiration?

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