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The number of people working from home had been rising steadily over the last four years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has meant working from home will now be the new normal, for the majority of workers, for the foreseeable future. Finding a place to work where you can be productive is even more important when home is your primary work location.

Not many people have the luxury of a dedicated home office and with dining tables disappearing from homes, that isn’t always an option for people working from home. You could always work on your lap in front of the TV, but perhaps that would be too tempting and nigh impossible to stay focused for the entire day. Working from bed in your PJs might seem great to begin with, but the day you get caught out by an impromptu video conference call you will regret taking that option!

Make working at home easier, and less embarrassing, by choosing a suitable desk to maximise your available space and blend in with your existing home décor. Some products are so multifunctional they can be used as a dressing table, console table or storage when not in use.

With so many options on the high street, at all price points, the choice is yours. Here are some of our favourite examples:

Space Saving Corner Desks

Make the best use of your space by finding a space saving corner desk which slips into an unused corner of your bedroom or living area. Corner desks come in a variety of styles and finishes. Choose from a choice of small or compact corner desks, or corner desks with storage which fits in with the existing furniture in the room, so it blends into the environment.

Rotating Desks

Have the best of both worlds – maximum space, but minimum impact. These rotating corner desks close into a smaller piece of furniture when not in use. So make the most use of your space when you need it.

Compact Desks

When space is tight, and you don’t actually need much space to work, choose a compact desk to fit into a small area in your home. Styles of small desks for small spaces are so varied you are bound to be able to find one which works with your existing furniture

Slimline Desks

Slimline desks are often quite modern and very stylish, the perfect solution in a city apartment with limited space but high design needs. Some slimline desks can also be used as console tables, if you need a multi-functional desk

Wall Desks

Wall desks are the ultimate small space saviour. All you need is a small space to mount or prop a wall desk against the wall. When not in use a lot of wall desks fold away so they are out of sight. Save maximum space using a wall desk for your home office.

Ladder Desks

If you need a desk with a twist, then ladder desk are a great option. They provide the perfect platform for you to work or study from home and also with shelves ideal for storing books, folders and more.

Storage Desks

Quite often you don’t just need a desk, but also storage to hide away your work paraphernalia. Get a two in one solution with a storage desk. A storage desk gives you ample space to work and store your work stuff away.

Glass Desks

A luxury in a small space perhaps, as they can often be quite large. But due to the glass and lack of visible structure a glass desk creates a work space which hides in plain sight. So you get the space you need without it dominating the room.

Small Desks

Your desk doesn’t have to be a heavy, baronial expanse of wood that dominates a room. Especially at home — and especially at a time when many of us are trying to fit an additional work space into anyplace it will fit — something smaller and more lively is often preferable.

Laptop Desks

Different types of work require different types of spaces: If it’s just a laptop, then you don’t need a large desk, all you need is a space saving laptop desk to get your home office started.

Folding Desks

Make your space work for you with foldable desks that you can work with and fold once you’re done to keep your space uncluttered.

Hideaway Desks

You might think your tiny apartment can’t fit a home office, but with the right desk, you can turn your small space into the perfect work nook. So set up the perfect home office space with hideaway desks.

Charging Desks

You can get busy and productive while your phone gets charging without leaving your workstation, with charging desks that have USB sockets, and wireless charging capabilities.

Computer Desks

Build the perfect work space with a computer desk that provides a comfortable and productive work environment for you to in.

Standing Desks

Keep active at your home office with a range of standing desks, that helps you to change working positions often, keeping you fit, healthy and productive.

Home offices are one of the top five room areas for visits on, so we know finding great space saving solutions for home offices is an increasing priority, especially as more people choose to or need to work from home.

Have you created a great home office space which takes up the smallest space? Tell us we would love to hear more.

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