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Buying Guide for Small Bathrooms

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How to maximise your small bathroom space…

When it comes to small spaces, bathrooms can often be squeezed into the smallest of spaces. Bathrooms also require a great deal of storage for all the toiletries, towels and other things you may need to store away. We’ve picked out the very best of our space saving bathroom products to help you save space.

Although your kitchen may be small, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on making it a place that is functional and fits your everyday needs. Here are some top tips to help you create your small but perfect kitchen.

Compact sink fittings

In a small bathroom it’s important not to make it look over-crowded. A lot of bathroom fittings cannot be compromised on size. However, sink fittings are able to be compromised in terms of their size. Slim-line and compact sinks are great to allow the sink fitting not to impede on the space and they also offer storage space underneath which is an added bonus.

Wickes Phoenix Cloakroom Basin – 400mm

Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms are often filled with lots of items which need to be stored away, such as, toiletries, cleaning products, towels etc. Storage is key in any bathroom but especially smaller bathrooms to make sure they don’t become overly cluttered.

Floor standing storage

For those of you with slightly more room you might be lucky enough to fit a large storage unit into your bathroom which will give you optimum storage and free your space of any clutter.

Wall mounted storage

Wall mounted storage is great for small bathrooms. Mounting storage on to your walls will leave more floor space available and will therefore make the room look larger.

Under sink storage

If you have a sink which doesn’t have storage underneath, you can add storage with these units which are cleverly designed to fit under sinks.

Shower Storage

Toiletries can clutter up your bathroom space so it’s important to keep them organised and tidy. These shower caddies are a handy accessory to keep those toiletries you need on a daily basis readily available.

Space saving bathroom accessories

These bathroom accessories are great to make your bathroom tidy and functional and help add the finishing touches.

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