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Samsung Infinite NV75T8579RK Built-in Single Electric Oven, Onyx Black


Designed with sleek lines and a bold dial for a modern, professional feel, this Samsung’s oven not only looks the part; it comes with some really quite clever features too. It’s Dual Cook and Pro-Roasting functions open up new possibilities when it comes to cooking, while pyrolytic cleaning makes it simple to keep your oven clean. Everything you need to achieve culinary greatness at dinner time. Dual Cook Keep everyone happy with a flexible oven that cooks two different dishes at different temperatures and settings at once – with no taste or smells transferring. Touch 4.3′ TFT-LCD & Dial Now you can control and set all your preferences with a simple touch. Because who doesn’t want to take shortcuts in the kitchen? Wi-Fi Connectivity & SmartThings How’s this for smart? Control your oven using your phone* and have it cook a range of new recipes for you. *Requires SmartThings App available on Android and iOS devices. An internet connection is required. Pyrolytic Cleaning Forget scrubbing the oven. Reaching high temperatures, pyrolytic cleaning burns off grease and spills that can easily be wiped away. Soft Close Door The beautifully designed soft closing door is engineered to close both gently and quietly. 1-level Full Extension Telescopic Rails Sliding in and out smoothly and with hardly any effort, this telescopic rail is ideal for when you’re using large pans and heavy dishes. Meat Probe The Meat Probe will actively manage the cooking process, regulating time and heat to ensure your food is always cooked to perfection. Fast Preheat A Fast Preheating mode means you don’t need to wait a long time for the oven to preheat. So you can save time when cooking daily dishes or baking food, like frozen or fresh pizzas and cookies. Pro-Roasting mode The Pro-Roasting mode automatically heats the oven up to 220 °C to sear the meat. It is then cooked slowly and gently to the temperature that you’ve pre-selected, so the meat doesn’t dry out. Temperature Control The Temperature Control feature monitors and adjusts heat levels. It maintains an extremely precise and consistent oven temperature. Over Bolt Protection The Voltage Control function prevents any electrical damage or shorting that can be caused by unstable voltages. It senses when the voltage has increased and will either stabilize the power or cut it entirely.

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