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Panda London : Panda Bamboo Bath Sheet – White


Panda London : Panda Bamboo Bath Sheet – White The Panda Bamboo towel is made from a combination of bamboo and combed long-staple cotton. At 600 GSM, it’s supremely soft and absorbent and stays fluffier for longer – thanks to its sturdy-yet-supple zero twist construction. The bamboo fabric used is eco-friendly and certified organic. Bamboo is highly absorbent. It’s able to take up to three times its weight in water, giving it outstanding wicking ability. It’s also naturally odour-resistant, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. The fibres of the combed long-staple cotton are treated before being spun into yarn. This makes it softer, stronger, longer-lasting, more durable, and kinder to skin than regular short-staple cotton. It also holds its shape better over time. The towel is made using a zero twist construction method. This means the fabric is made of open loops with twists, resulting in a truly plush feel. As the woven pile is less dense than traditionally-made fabrics, the towel feels lighter and more comfortable to use. This ‘open’ construction also increases absorbency and allows airflow – so towels feel drier after use and air out faster, ready to be used again. Depth: 100 CM Material Content: 65% Combed Long-Staple Cotton / 35% Bamboo Towel Type: Bath Sheet Washing Instructions: Machine Washable Width: 150 CM Ultra Absorbent – bamboo is highly absorbent, able to take up to 3 times its weight in water. Naturally Odour Resistant – bamboo is naturally antibacterial, preventing bacteria and musty smells. Luxuriously Soft – combining bamboo’s silky cashmere texture with long staple cotton’s supreme softness. Naturally Antibacterial – suitable for sensitive skin. Eco-Friendly – bamboo is a sustainable resource and is one of the world’s fatest and densley growing plants. Long Staple Cotton – the highest quality cotton (highly breathable and durable). Zero Twist – a comprehensice zero-twist construction ensures supreme softness. Elegant Design – single border. Hook – features a sewn-in hanging loop. Efficient – uses significantly less water to clean and time to dry saving water & energy.

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