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Mia Twin Pack Velvet Storage Stool Seats, Set of 2 Blue, Grey, Yellow or Pink Chic Upholstered Round Storage Ottomans


This pair of storage stools is a fantastic way to make the most of the space – when you’re not using the smaller one, it tucks neatly away inside the larger one. They feature a soft velvet cover, which is available in a choice of colour. The removable lids allow for plenty of storage inside. Free delivery * These velvet-covered storage stools are not only stunning, they’re super practical to boot. The set includes 2 stools each with a removable lid, which provides a generous amount of storage inside. When you’re not using them for sitting or storage, the smaller stool tucks neatly away inside the larger one to save space.  Whether you use them in the living room, conservatory or bedroom, the Mia Storage Stools are every bit as practical as they are beautiful.

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