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AEG SteamBake BPS556020M Built-in Single Electric Oven, Stainless Steel


Fitted with a massive 71-litre capacity and 11 cooking functions, AEG ensures your culinary creation are always tasting there best when cooked in this oven. Featuring specialist baking programmes, efficient heating design and assisted cleaning options, you’ll be introduced to a world of taste you never knew existed. A Baker’s Dream: SteamBake If you enjoy baking, this oven’s SteamBake & PlusSteam function will help you achieve impressive results every time. Introducing steam at the beginning of the baking process, it’ll help keep baked goods soft and tender inside, whilst also creating a delicious golden crust. Don’t worry if you’re not much of a baker either: roasted chicken, grilled spare ribs and lasagna will all benefit from equally delicious and even cooking results. Food Sensor For consistent results, this included accessory allows you to measure the exact cooking temperature inside the food or dish, so you can cook with precision and to perfection, without ever having to open the door. Just sick the sensor into the food to measure the core temperature as it cooks and you’ll have perfect results every time. Self-Cleaning Programme Pyrolytic cleaning is the best way of cleaning your oven the oven essentially cleans itself. When switched on, all the grease and grime inside the oven is incinerated by the pyrolytic system, leaving you with just a pile of ash to wipe away. No more arduous scrubbing. Intuitive Controls The clean glass display with touch buttons gives you even more control over your cooking. The timer is activated by entering start/stop through the LCD screen. Meaning you can expect absolute accuracy – even if you momentarily step away from your oven. Quicker Heat-up & More Energy Efficient AEG has fitted this oven with a Hot Air convection system that ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the interior. It means it heats up faster and temperatures can actually be reduced, saving you time, energy, money and producing mouth-watering results. Fan Controlled Defrosting Suitable for delicate items such as cream cakes, this light defrost circulates room temperature air around the food slowly, defrosting it hygienically in less than 1/2 the time. Extra Features Child lock on the oven controls prevents misuse Isofront plus triple glazed door, with heat reflective coating to keep the heat in the oven Temperature range from 30°C to 300°C 47dB noise level – just a bit quieter than an electric toothbrush

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