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Rejuvenate Your Living Space

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Rejuvenate your living space

January is the perfect time to rejuvenate your living space with Willow and Hall. The start of a new year is typically a time for reflection, renewal or rethinking every aspect of our lives. The comfort and sanctuary of your home can lift or dampen your spirits.

This January, why not also spend time relooking at your home. Thinking about where you spend the majority of your time and how you live in your home will make you look at your home differently.

The living room is often the most multi-functional space in your home. It is often used for relaxing, entertaining, working, sleeping (if you have frequent guests) or simply just lounging around.

The most used piece of furniture in your living room is your sofa, so it makes sense to take another look at this investment piece to make sure it is working for you. Use the space more wisely by upgrading to a sofa bed. After all it will take the same amount of floor area, but add extra multi-functionality to your small space.

January is the best time to invest in a new sofa/sofa bed, so take advantage of the January sales and bag a discount.

Read our rejuvenate your living space tips to revitalise your home, written in conjunction with Willow and Hall, a British handmade furniture retailer.

Maximise your space

Why use up all the space on a sofa which only has one function. Instead treat yourself to a multi-functional or space saving sofa bed. Now you don’t have to have a sofa and an additional bed, choose a sofa bed and have a 2-in-1 solution.

Sofa beds are perfect to use in spare bedrooms as well, during the day you can use the space as a home office, at night you can accommodate additional guests.

Want to give the impression of more space whilst ramping up the multi-functional usage of your sofa? Choose an armless sofa bed to make even the smallest room look more roomy. On trend and minimalistic if you are really short of space choose a single seater armless sofa to rejuvenate your living space.

Check out The Appley Single Sofa Bed which is a super-handy space saving single sofa bed which can fit in multiple rooms:  the kids room, at the end of your bed, in the study, or absolutely anywhere. Although small in design, the Appley 1 Seater Sofa Bed is big in the comfort stakes and super easy to use. Just pull the bottom out by its wheels and it converts seamlessly into a bed… easy peasy!

Appley 1 Seater Sofa Bed
The Appley 1 Seater Sofa Bed

Need more space to sit or sleep? No problem! The Appley Sofa Bed, can sleep 2 people but is small and nimble in design, but big on comfort. It’s super easy to use too. Just pull the bottom out by its wheels and it converts seamlessly into a bed.

The Appley Sofa Bed
The Appley Sofa Bed

Looking for a comfortable sofa bed? Look no further than The Deverill Love Seat Sofa Bed. With its cosy feather-wrapped foam seat cushions and housing a luxurious 14cm deep mattress as standard, The Deverill Love Seat Sofa Bed provides the ultimate comfort. Created with small spaces in mind the Deverill Love Seat Sofa Bed transforms into a delightful snuggly bed for your guests to snooze on, so it’s perfect for any nook and cranny in your home.

Deverill Love Seat Sofa Bed
The Deverill Love Seat Sofa Bed

Add extra storage

How many functions can you fit in a sofa? These sofa beds have added storage and ultimate lounging ability – comfort is assured. You can’t ask more of your sofa bed or your space with a multi-functional storage sofa bed.

If you are looking for a fabulous, slender, sleek, or elegant sofa for your home, The Ashwell Chaise Storage Sofa Bed is one classy model for any home. With an added storage compartment in the chaise –it’s the perfect place to stash all the extra stuff we all accumulate. It’s an absolutely super piece of furniture: super stylish, super handy and super comfy; the perfect piece for any home.

Ashwell Chaise Storage Sofa Bed
The Ashwell Chaise Storage Sofa Bed

Get even more comfortable with the gracefully sloping arms of the The Bermerton Chaise Storage Sofa Bed. Bring timeless quality and style to any home with luxurious soft cushioning, making this the perfect sofa bed to curl up under cosy blankets… when not needed, hide your bedding and throws away in the handy storage space in the chaise. It’s the ideal addition to any family home.

The Bermerton Chaise Storage Sofa Bed
The Bermerton Chaise Storage Sofa Bed

If you need a family sized sofa bed that’s cool and compact, look no further than The Minety Modular Chaise Storage Sofa Bed. It’s a streamlined chaise shaped space saver without arms to maximise precious inches. The result is a geometric and contemporary triumph that you’ll barely believe contains a handy sofa bed as well as storage under the opposite seats.

The Minety Modular Chaise Storage Sofa Bed
The Minety Modular Chaise Storage Sofa Bed

Ramp up your comfort

Use your space far more efficiently by upgrading your sofa to a sofa bed. Sofa beds come in a variety of styles, if your space is more formal choose a structured style to enhance your space.

Choose a comfortable sofa bed with luxury 14cm deep sofa bed mattresses for both your guests and your own comfort. Willow and Hall sofa beds can be personalised in over 200 fabrics. All products are handmade in Britain by skilled craftsmen, so you can ‘shop local’ too. Because the products are made in the UK delivery time is 4-5 weeks, so you can get more comfortable even faster than the typical handmade sofa bed delivery times.

The Bulford is the definition of a grand sofa bed and will add a vintage vibe to any room. With its deep-diamond quilting and buttoning that covers its back and scrolled arms, this impressive sofa bed won’t disappoint. What’s more, this noble beauty, with its 14cm deep mattress, will provide you with a wonderful night’s sleep.

The Bulford Sofa Bed
The Bulford Sofa Bed

This sophisticated sofa bed is brimming with colonial design, from its deep-diamond details and button-back right through to its shapely arms. To top it off, The Foxcote Sofa Bed also comes with a luxurious 14cm deep mattress that’s sure to offer a perfect night’s sleep.

The Foxcote Sofa Bed
The Foxcote Sofa Bed

Inviting proportions combined with a beautiful scrolled back and arms, The Buttermere Sofa Bed will beautify any living space from all angles. Lovingly handmade, from the complex shaping of the solid wood frame to the piped cushioning and wrap around seats, The Buttermere Sofa Bed will be enjoyed equally whether off or on it!

The Buttermere Sofa Bed
The Buttermere Sofa Bed

The perfect pew for two or for curling up on your own, The Fosbury Love Seat Sofa Bed is easily extended from a cosy snuggler into an irresistible sofa bed in one slick and elegant swoop. With the best one-fold mechanism on the market, combined with a 14cm deep open sprung mattress to maximise comfort, The Fosbury will provide you with an effortless, yet supremely comfortable night’s sleep.

The Fosbury Love Seat Sofa Bed
The Fosbury Love Seat Sofa Bed

Plan your sofa bed upgrade

Rejuvenate your living space with Willow and Hall, read our checklist to help you choose the best sofa bed option for your home:

  1. Decide which room your sofa bed is for. Where will you put it?
  2. Work out the maximum space you have for a sofa bed. Measure your space.
  3. Do you need to accommodate one or two people?
  4. Do you need added storage?
  5. Do you want to rest in maximum comfort?

Look at the options above and choose a Willow and Hall sofa bed. Visit Willow and Hall.

Take advantage of the Willow and Hall January sale

Save 10% – Ends 31 January 2020

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