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Living elegantly in a small space

Design Ideas

Small spaces can be elegant spaces too>

Living in a small space does not mean you need to surround yourself with white MDF flat pack furniture! Small spaces can be elegant spaces too. Elegance can come in various different tastes depending on your taste. Throughout your small space you could have a theme of elegance or you can focus on having elegant finishing touches and accessories. Whatever your preference here are some ways of incorporating elegance into your small space.

Add mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for looking in, or doing selfies in! They provide a very useful function in bouncing light around a room and giving the impression of an infinite space. They can be used to add effect by deceiving the eye to expand the view or bounce light back into a dark area. This effect works most effectively when put in strategic places such as opposite a window. Mirrored furniture is a great way to achieve this.

Add velvet

Velvet is the perfect material to create elegance and romance in a room. Velvet can be used for various aspects of your space from the furniture itself, to the curtains or to a bed throw etc. When it comes to buying velvet furniture, choose modern pieces which will complement the room but won’t overpower the room. Velvet sofas and chairs come in all shades and colours these days; no longer limited to Grandmas parlour, they can add a hot focal point to your elegant design.

The little things matter

Even if your space is full of white MDF furniture, a great way to incorporate elegance into your space is by adding little touches here and there in the form of accessories. Small touches like a mirror, art, candle holders and other ornaments made of materials such as glass and delicate china etc. will help incorporate an elegant feel into your space without having to completely re-vamp your space.

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