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Design Ideas

How to make the most of your awkward spaces

Awkward spaces? Every home has one, you know those funny nooks, tight corners, under the stairs and other awkward spaces in our homes. Sometimes, these really strange spaces can be impossible to work with. Well, not every inch of your home can be perfect! However, there is always a solution.

You can make the most of these awkward spaces by using designs that will transform them into a more usable and practical space.

Integrated Dishwashers

A dishwasher can completely change your kitchen lifestyle, freeing up space and time so you can enjoy cooking and dining with a renewed sense of ease. And just because you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits. By choosing the style and placement of your dishwasher carefully, and cleverly integrating it into the awkward unused spaces like under the sink or corners in your kitchen you will still have the luxury of worktop space while making good use of the area beneath.

Stowaway Dining Tables

Living in a small space really provides a compact or modest space for furniture. This means that you need to choose furniture that is not bulky, those that can be folded or easily stowed away when not used. A stowaway dining table is what you need when you’ve got a small awkward space in your kitchen. It serves as a perfect dining table and creates space for movement and other furniture you might want to add.

Floating Bedside Tables

If your alarm clock still sits on a wooden bulky side table, then now is the time to go for something more space saving and modern. A floating bedside table is a perfect replacement because it creates a lot of space underneath, which can be used for storage, or kept open for a super tidy look.

Corner Sideboards

A corner sideboard provides ample storage option for you when you don’t have enough space in your home. Ideal for those sometimes neglected corners, these sideboards will help keep your space organised. Their top can be the perfect spot to display a family photograph or a vase of fresh flowers.

Wall desks

Stuck on how to style that awkward space between two walls? A tight nook is the perfect place to set up a home office, and thanks to wall desks, you now have the perfect spot to be more productive while working from home.

Corner desks

Productivity is possible, even in the smallest of spaces. And if you’re space-challenged, there’s no better place to set up your small home office than in an awkward, unused corner. A corner desk, can help you make use of that spot and give you all the room you need to get your work done.

Corner basins

When it comes to bathrooms, there are some things that you can’t do without, you know, like a basin. If you’re trying to fit a bathroom into an awkward space, then corner basins are the perfect option. These basins take things up a notch by taking up otherwise unused and awkward space in the corner, freeing up room for other bathroom features.

Corner Toilets

To make the most of the available floor space in your small bathroom, you have to consider installing corner toilets rather than traditional ones. They can help you work out the small confines or awkward shape of your bathroom by making it seem bigger in every possible way. Unlike other toilets, they can easily fit into a corner and they provide more legroom in most situations.

Floor Lamp With Shelves

Rooms with awkward spaces can benefit from floor lamps with shelves because these lamps can sit in the awkward corner and taking up not only the responsibility of filling the space but also providing storage and lighting to your space.

Ceiling hung clothes rail

Ceiling hung rails are ideal for storing clothes when you have limited wall space. So whether you’re working with a small or awkward space, storing your clothes on a rail hanging from the ceiling of your space is a great idea as long as you don’t make your space cluttered by setting one up in the middle of your room.

Wall mounted dining tables

Not having enough space in your home to fit a standard dining table can be annoying but that doesn’t mean you cannot have one. Make use of the walls in your kitchen or living room and fit in a unique and space-saving wall mounted dining table.

Wall Mounted Washing Machine

Wall mounted washing machines complement your small space. They are the perfect option if need a washing machine that is not bulky but still does the job of giving you a spotless laundry experience.

They are energy-saving and prevent back pain developed due to constant bending needed to get your clothes in and out of a conventional washing machine.

Corner Bedside Tables

The bedside table is the piece that’s always there for you, morning or night. It holds your alarm for the morning, your evening reading material and other personal items. It’s our unsung hero and the one who is there to greet us first thing in the day and bid us goodnight before retiring for the evening.

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