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24 Compact desks to maximise your home office space

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With more people working from home on a regular or permanent basis small home office desks or compact desks are increasingly popular. Even a small space can be a productive place with the addition of a compact desk.

Compact desks are available in a variety of styles from ultra-modern to more traditional styles. Add a small desk in your living room or in your bedroom where it can multi-task as a dressing table or a console table.

Benefits of a Compact Desk

  1. Just enough space for a laptop
  2. Takes up minimal space
  3. Can multi-task as a dressing table or console

How to Choose a Compact Desk

The first thing you need to do is decide how much space you have for a desk. Measure the available space taking into account anything which will prevent the desk from sitting flush with the wall, e.g. power sockets, skirting boards, etc. Where do you want to situate the desk? In the living room or bedroom? Do you want to use the desk as a dressing table or console table as well? Do you need storage?

Answers to these questions will dictate the type of desk you need to look for.

If you are really short of space consider a wall desk, or use your corners more and select a small corner desk. The colour and material used for the desk can also be a deciding factor. In a very small space a dark solid desk will look visually larger, so choose a light colour with a slim profile, or choose a desk in a glass or reflective finish. The more solid the desk looks, the more space it will look like it occupies.

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